Who is eligible?

Contestants must be naturally born females between the ages of 18-33. They may be single, may have been married or be married; they may have children, but may NOT be pregnant during the pageant or the year of their reign

         Is there an entry fee?

Yes, however we do give contestants the opportunity to sell ads so there is no direct out-of-pocket cost.

          How do I enter?

If your country has a preliminary pageant, you must enter and win in order to be the representative in the international pageant. If there isn't a preliminary pageant in your country, you may enter the international pageant through the audition process.

          Do I need a coach?

It is a total personal decision. Some contestants feel more prepared by having a coach/producer, but it is absolutely not a requirement.

          Judging System

The Queen of the Universe Pageant judging system has been designed to encourage distinction and achievement among all contestants. All judges will have detailed, written rules and regulations of The Queen of the Universe judging system. There will be a panel of judges for the Interview portion of the pageant and another panel for the final night. All scores will be counted by officials. Judges will be nominated by a special committee. Persons related to any contestant, will not serve on the panel of judges.


Judge Interview
(Will be part of the official selection of the top 10)

          Final Night

• Swimsuit Competition
(Will evaluate Body, Grace, and on-Stage Awareness)
• Evening Gown Competition
(Will evaluate Elegance and Stage Presence)
• On-Stage Interview
(Will evaluate Poise, Intelligence, Eloquence, Charisma, and connection with audience)