Infinity Media Presents "Queen of the Universe 2015"

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Queen of the Universe Pageant

    The Queen of the Universe Pageant promises to be an
    amazing show with the most beautiful women from all
    over the world.
    Los Angeles is the perfect backdrop for The Queen of
    the Universe as we turn the dreams of one lucky lady
    into a beautiful reality.

                                                                        Come Join Us….

Infinity Media, Inc. specializes in the development, production and financing of high quality, commercially driven feature films. Based in Los Angeles, Infinity prides itself on bringing together the industry's foremostdirectors, writers, actors and creative talents to generate high-quality, creative content. Infinity maintains astrong understanding of the evolving domestic and international marketplace for film, television and new media. Infinity's

Infinity's objective is to produce exceptional creative properties made with recognizable talent in various genres. Infinity has taken on projects ranging from horror ("The Devil's Rejects," "Shadow People") toaction ("Push") to comedy ("Just Friends," "Saved!") to prize winning and critically acclaimed dramas(the Academy-Award-winning "Capote").

Congratulations to Miss U.S.A.
Ariel Diane King
Queen of the Universe 2014

We are looking for the Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe